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Krakow Card - Museums and Attractions Pass

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  • Explore the most historic and prestigious museums in the Polish cultural capital with one handy card.
  • Travel for free on Krakow's buses and trams, depending on the option selected.
  • See interesting things like vampire burials at the museum underneath the Main Market Square and the famed Oscar Schindler Factory.
  • Upgrade your city pass to get up to 3 days validity and optional access to unlimited public transportation.

This ticket has the following options that you can choose from:

  • 1-Day Card (With Transport)
  • 3-Day Card (Without Transport)
  • 2-Day Card (With Transport)
  • 3-Day Card (With Transport)

The museums covered by the City Pass are:

  1. Schindler’s Factory
  2. Underground of the Main Square
  3. Polish Aviation Museum
  4. Cloth Hall (Cloth Hall)
  5. City Walls of Krakow
  6. Archaeological Museum in Krakow
  7. Garden of Experiences Stanisław Lem
  8. Czartoryski Museum
  9. Ethnographic Museum of Seweryn Udziela
  10. Europeum European Cultural Center
  11. The Animal House
  12. Józef Mehoffer’s house
  13. Underground Church of St. Wojciech
  14. St. Mary’s Church
  15. Museum of the History of Photography
  16. Center for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka, Archives. Office
  17. Museum of the History of the AGH University of Science and Technology
  18. Palace of Bishop Erazm Ciołek
  19. Old Synagogue
  20. Archdiocesan Museum
  21. The Szołayski House
  22. The Hipolit House
  23. Benedictine abbey in Tyniec
  24. Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow
  25. Main Building of the National Museum
  26. Regional Museum of Polish Modernism Rydel Rydłówka
  27. The Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum
  28. ul. Pomeranian
  29. Celestat
  30. MOCAK
  31. Town Hall Tower
  32. Exhibition in Nowa Huta Branice
  33. Galicia Jewish Museum
  34. Barbican
  35. The Eagle Pharmacy
  36. Krzysztofory Palace
  37. Museum of the Home Army. Gen. Emil Fieldorf Nil
  38. Jan Matejko’s house
  39. Kościuszko Mound
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Visit St Mary's Basilica in Krakow

Being one of the oldest cities in Poland, Krakow has a lot to offer in terms of the art, history, and culture of the Polish heritage. With an imposing brick structure dominating the Main Market Square in Krakow, St. Mary’s Basilica is just the structure you need to visit if you plan to get roped in for a gothic treat.

Dating back to the early 13th century, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is seen as one of the finest examples of Polish architecture. If viewing the monumental murals designed by painters like Jan Matejko isn’t enough, you can delve into the dark history of the church that entails stories of sibling rivalry and historical raids. 

Book St. Mary’s Basilica Krakow tickets to experience the intricately adorned interiors of this monument and chime in with the hourly hejnał or bugle call for a Romanesque clock in with Gothic history. Keep reading to find out more information about St. Mary’s Basilica, tickets, timings and other particulars that can help you plan your visit.

St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets Explained

St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets

St Mary's Basilica Skip The Line Tickets

  • Book St Mary's Basilica Skip The Line Tickets to zoom past the ticketing lines and skip the part where you get lost in ticket hassle to get access to St. Mary’s Basilica. With your skip-the-line tickets, make sure that your visit to St. Mary’s Basilica is all about getting lost in the aesthetic beauty of the church.
  • With your St Mary's Basilica Skip The Line Tickets, you can explore the altars and chapels built during the time of the Renaissance, as you take in the gothic architecture and fly down the lane of history. 
  • While Exploring St. Mary's Basilica, engage your musical senses in the peals of the tower bells and rhythmic organ play. 
  • Scour the site and find yourself looking at the legends and myths that guard the past of this basilica.
St Mary's Basilica Tickets Krakow Card

Super Flexible Cancellation

Booking your tickets online helps you enjoy a super flexible cancellation policy. Not sure about your visit? Inform us up to 24 hours before the schedule and get a full refund on the cancellation of the ticket, no questions asked.

What is the Best Way To Book St. Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets? Book Online

Booking your tickets online is the best way to explore St. Mary’s Basilica, as it comes with a lot of benefits as mentioned below.

  • Convenience: Spend your trip viewing the site attractions and not standing in long queues, as the fast-track tickets let you steer past the lines, hassle-free.
  • Advance Reservations: As the attractions are popular among tourists, book your slots in advance to avoid the disappointment of looking at the sold-out bulletins.
  • Great Discounts: Buy your St. Mary’s Basilica tickets online to enjoy amazing discounts and free tickets to the attraction.

St Mary's Basilica Highlights

St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets St Mary's Altar

St Mary’s Altar

Hailed as a Renaissance masterpiece and the best work of leading gothic sculptor Veit Stoss, behold the colossal wood-carved altarpiece in St. Mary’s Basilica. Known as the Altar of Veit Stoss, this triptych’s rarity lies in its realistic polychromatic design made out of three types of wood, beautifully showcasing the life of Jesus and Mother Mary on each of its panels.

St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets Organs


At St. Mary's Basilica, witness how the rich palette of romantic voices gives devotees a rush of divine experience through the organs arranged in the church. From the Great Organ dating back to the 18th century, to the 14-stop choral organ that becomes the heart and soul of any celebration, and the aisle organ that accompanied the Cross service, St. Mary’s Basilica is home to them.

St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets Chapels


Visit the many chapels in St. Mary’s Basilica, and get to know the unique story behind each of them. From the Chapel of St. Anthony which was used to hold convicts sentenced to death, to the Chapel of St. John with its connections to the Second World War, wind through history, as each altar and chapel sing to you tales of another era, with all its follies and glories.

St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets St Mary's Towers

St. Mary’s Towers

The facade of St. Mary’s Basilica can be distinctly recognized by the disproportionate twin towers that seem to reach for the sky with their soaring appearance and marked architecture. While the taller tower is crowned with a Gothic cupola, the shorter one is topped with a late-Renaissance cupola, which also acts as the bell tower.

St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets Bells

St. Mary’s Bells

Chime in with St. Mary’s Basilica mellow tunes as the bells echo across the city of Krakow. The church houses four medieval liturgical bells, two clock gongs, the bell for the dying and St. Mary’s bugle call, which is played by the bugler, which makes this collection unique on a world scale.

Plan Your Visit To St Mary's Basilica Krakow

Getting There
Visitor Tips
The Basilica Timings

Monday to Saturday: 11.30 AM to 6.00 PM

Sundays and holidays: 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM

Note: The visitor service point is closed 15 minutes before the end of visiting hours.

The Bugle Towers Timings

Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM 

Sundays: 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Note: Tower season for this year is being held from the 1st of April 2022 to 30th of November 2022.

Mass Timings

Sundays and holidays: 6.00 AM, 7.00 AM, 8.00 AM, 9.00 AM, 10.00 AM(in Latin), 11.15 AM, 12.00 PM, 1.00 PM, 6.30 PM (Students and graduates, with the participation of the choir in Latin), and 8.00 PM.

Weekday Masses (between September and June): 6.00 AM, 6.30 AM, 7.00 AM, 7.30 AM, 8.00 AM, 8.30 AM, 9.00 AM, 9.30 AM, 10.00 AM (in Latin), 10.30 AM, 11.00 AM, and 6.30 PM

Note: In July and August, the morning masses start only on the hour, which means that there are no masses at 6.30, 7.30, 8.30, 9.30, or 10.30.


Timings: On the last Thursday of every month.

St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets

Address: plac Mariacki 5, 31-042 Kraków, Poland

Find on the map

  • By Tram: Trams 3, 10, 24 & 52 will bring you here
    Nearest tram stop: Poczta Główna
  • By Train: You can take any of the trains SKA1, 33232, 33236, 33240 and 33244 from Kraków Lotnisko near the airport
    Nearest train station: Poczta Główna
  • By Bus: Buses on lines 902 and 252 can take you to St. Mary's Basilica.
    Nearest bus stop: Poczta Główna
St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets
  • During the visit, tourists are required to maintain silence inside the basilica.
  • When the bugle call is being played, visitors are not allowed to stay on the level of the bugle call room.
  • The staff has got a limited number of entrances for a specific day.
  • The tower of the Basilica is to be entered from the direction of Floriańska Street.
  • If a donation is purchased, it must be remembered that it is tantamount to accepting the regulations.
  • Visitors must be dressed appropriately and behave accordingly as this is a religious place.
  • Touching things and poking around is prohibited since the basilica is protected as a world heritage site by UNESCO.
St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets
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  •  Wieliczka Salt Mine: Discover the medieval salt mines that have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. View the mysterious salt lakes, marvellous salt sculptures and intriguing rock chambers located 135 meters below the ground.
  • Oskar Schindler’s Factory: Explore the museum that was once a labour site for Jews under Nazi rule, and learn about the dark historical significance this factory holds in the face of the Second World War.
  • Wawel Royal Castle: If you have always fantasized about palaces, royalty and Gothic monarchy, this castle is just the spot for you, as you experience Baroque architecture and travel to the Renaissance era to light up your head!
St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets
  • All guests are required to bring and wear their own masks.
  • St. Mary’s Church is open to individual visitors and tourist groups every day when no mass is being conducted.
  • All guests are advised to be dressed appropriately.
  • Please carry along valid photo IDs, like passport, driver’s license, Govt ID, college or school ID.
  • It is advised to visit the basilica during the early hours of the day to skip daytime crowds and have a memorable experience of exploring the basilica and the nearby market when the weather is pleasant.
  • After you have visited the basilica, you can walk around the Main Market Square and buy some souvenirs for remembering this experience of a lifetime!

All Your Questions About St Mary's Basilica Krakow Tickets Answered

Q. Can I buy St. Mary's Basilica Krakow tickets online?

A. Yes, St Mary’s Basilica Krakow tickets are now available for visitors to purchase online. You can buy them here.

Q. What is the best way to buy St. Mary's Basilica Krakow tickets?

A. The best way to purchase St Mary’s Basilica Krakow tickets is to book them online. This way you get vouchers for great offers and can also reserve slots well in advance, granting access to the venue for the date of your choice.

Q. Can I pre-book St. Mary's Basilica Krakow tickets in advance?

A. Yes, you can book any date of your choice in advance, if you book your St Mary’s Basilica Krakow tickets online.

Q. Is it safe to visit St. Mary's Basilica Krakow post COVID-19?

A. Yes, St. Mary's Basilica Krakow has taken up the necessary measures to ensure public safety at all times. This includes mandatory temperature checks at all times, usage of signs and floor markers to follow social distancing protocol, rigorous cleaning regulations and more.

Q. Is it possible to book St. Mary's Basilica Krakow tickets on the same day?

A. In light of the current COVID-19 situation it is ideal to buy your tickets online as the dates are usually booked almost one month in advance. Tickets are also subject to availability at the ticket counter. So, in order to avoid getting disappointed it is highly recommended to book your St Mary’s Basilica tickets online.

Q. What is the cancellation policy for St. Mary's Basilica Krakow tickets?

A. With your St. Mary's Basilica Krakow tickets, you can get a full refund on canceling the ticket up to 24h before the schedule.

Q. Do my St. Mary's Basilica Krakow tickets include skip-the-line access?

A. Yes, St. Mary's Basilica Krakow tickets include skip-the-line access. Please check the ticket details before purchasing.

Q. When can I go for adoration in the St. Mary's Basilica Krakow?

A. At St. Mary's Basilica Krakow, the adoration is held on the last Thursday of every month, so you can plan your visit accordingly.

Q. Is the St. Mary's Basilica Krakow open for visitors?

A. Yes, you can visit the St. Mary's Basilica Krakow from 11.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on weekdays, and from 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. on Sundays and holidays.

Q. What are the mass timings in St. Mary's Basilica Krakow?

A. At St. Mary's Basilica Krakow, mass is held every hour from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. on Sundays and holidays, and every half an hour on weekdays during the same time. Check the aforementioned Timings section.